• Seeds

    € 35,-

    In Seeds documentary photographer Jos Jansen examines how new, innovative food crops are developed and how this bears upon the world food problem. His point of departure is ‘seed’, the beginning of all life.

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  • US (a) Denied Reality

    € 65,-

    US is a story about guilt, individual guilt, collective and societal guilt along with its co-joined partner, hypocrisy. It’s an exploration of ‘a denied reality’, that’s a reality concealed by subjective propaganda and opinion.

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  • Women We Have Not Lost Yet

    € 25,-

    On April 26th 2015, when radical Islamist opposition forces announced the ‘Great Attack’ on Aleppo, young women of various ethnicities and religious backgrounds sought refuge in Le Pont gallery. They were mostly former participants of Art Camping, a collaborative art project initiated by Le Pont in response to the outbreak of the Syrian conflict in 2012.

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