• The Last Days of Shishmaref NL

    € 35,-

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  • Go No Go
    The frontiers of Europe

    € 35,-

    Go No Go is Ad van Denderen's acclaimed project on migration and European border politics, produced by Paradox and first launched in 2003.

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  • >Play

    € 45,-

    >Play is about what it is to be young, anywhere and in all eras. For three years photographer Carel van Hees turned his camera on the youth of Rotterdam. He focused on their character, their aura and energy by following them in their everyday activities, chatting on the street, hanging around with friends, dancing, skating, playing sports etc.

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  • DVD Flemish Fields

    € 25,-

    Football in its original form, as it had started more than hundred years ago: a plot of ground, 22 players, hardly any spectators around the pitch, just a horse in the next meadow.

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  • P'REND
    Beeld van een groeistad

    € 0,-

    What does life look like in the XXI century Dutch new town? In the postwar urban developments the city of Purmerend, served as a model for many Dutch municipalities. Five photographers were commisioned by the Museum Waterland to create works that explore the actual and personal image of this urban growth phenomenon.

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  • Alone Together

    € 28,-

    n Florence where Marangoni grew up, the division of public and private space was definite. Actions and behaviors were not the same behind closed doors as they were outside in the piazza where everything was noticed and commented on. When Marangoni moved to New York in the seventies, he was struck by how different the relationship among individuals in a public area was to what he had experienced in Florence. How indifferent people were to each other.

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