• Occupation soldier

    € 24,50

    Occupation: Soldier is a documentary on the Dutch armed forces. Since the end of the Cold War in 1990 and the expected conclusion of the Uruzgan mission in 2010, almost 90,000 Dutch soldiers have been involved in peacekeeping operations. What do we remember of them, what remains in our collective visual memory? Precious little. Peacekeeping does not produce spectacular images. Except when it goes wrong. The fall of Srebrenica is an open wound in Dutch (military) history.

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  • The Last Days of Shishmaref ENG

    € 35,-

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  • The Last Days of Shishmaref NL

    € 35,-

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  • Go No Go
    The frontiers of Europe from €35,00 to €26,25

    € 26,25

    Go No Go is Ad van Denderen's acclaimed project on migration and European border politics, produced by Paradox and first launched in 2003.

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  • >Play
    from €45,- to €33,75

    € 33,75

    >Play is about what it is to be young, anywhere and in all eras. For three years photographer Carel van Hees turned his camera on the youth of Rotterdam. He focused on their character, their aura and energy by following them in their everyday activities, chatting on the street, hanging around with friends, dancing, skating, playing sports etc.

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  • DVD Flemish Fields

    € 25,-

    Football in its original form, as it had started more than hundred years ago: a plot of ground, 22 players, hardly any spectators around the pitch, just a horse in the next meadow.

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