Ebifanayi 4
Simuda Nyuma- Forward Ever Backward Never

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    Andrea Stultiens
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Simuda Nyuma is the title of a trilogy written during the 1930s by Ham Mukasa (1870-1956), who was an important chief of Buganda – the kingdom in south-central Uganda (and the country’s name giver). Known as ‘the scholar who never went to school’ and one of the first literate people in the kingdom, Mukasa wrote about the lives of three kings that ruled Buganda from ca. 1856 until the 1938. Inside Mukasa’s family collection, which includes photographs, books, manuscripts and documents, Andrea Stultiens found a list with descriptions for illustrations.

Ebifananyi 4 presents photographs from the collection of the Ham Mukasa foundation and illustrations that accompany the stories told by Ham Mukasa. These illustrations were made, on Stultiens’ invitation, by various contemporary artists who rethink the history Mukasa wanted to tell through their translations from words into pictures.

The book includes important contributions by Achola Rosario, Emmanuel Lwanga, Eria Nsubuga, Fred Mutebi, Ian Mwesiga, Nathan Omiel, Papa Shabani, Robinah Nansubuga, Violet Nantume and students from Uganda Christian University and Academy Minerva.

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