The complete Ebifananyi series, I – VIII

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  • Author(s):
    Andrea Stultiens and others
  • In collaboration with:
    Paradox and HIPUganda
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  • Photography:
    Andrea Stultiens and others
  • Publisher:
    Paradox, HIPUganda
  • Design:
    Andrea Stultiens and Marloes de Laat


Ebifananyi is the title of a series of eight publications by Andrea Stultiens, co-published by Paradox and History In Progress Uganda (HIPUganda). The noun Ebifananyi is derived from the verb Kufanana, and means to be similar to. It’s the Luganda word for photographs, but also for drawings and paintings, placing emphasis on their qualities as likenesses. Each book is based on one Ugandan photo collection. It presents selected photographs from the collection as well as pictures and texts that result from the activation of the collection by Andrea Stultiens.

The complete Ebifananyi-series is based on several photo collections based from different Ugandan archives. They demonstrate the wide variety of narrative potential for historical footage. The publications also provides insight into responses to the collections in Uganda itself. Stultiens thus aims to show how photographic images in this East African country are being used and questions the stereotypical imagery that is associated with Africa.

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