Ebifananyi V - UHURU minor accidents
Eng. M.W. Wambwa

€ 18,50
  • Author(s):
    Andrea Stultiens
  • In collaboration with:
    Eng. M.W. Wambwa, Elsadig Mohamed, Luuk van den Berg, Rumanzi Canon
  • Language:
  • Size:
    143 x 122 x 22 mm
  • ISBN:
  • Year:
  • Publisher:
    Paradox & HIPUganda
  • Design:
    Andrea Stultiens


Ebifananyi is the title of a series of at least five and possibly more publications by History In Progress Uganda (HIPUganda). Each book is centred around one Ugandan photo archive, exploring its narrative possibilities with images, supported by text.

In the fifth book of the Ebifananyi series; Picha - UHURU- minor accidents Andrea Stultiens delves into the archive of Eng. M.W. Wambwa. Shortly before meeting Stultiens he had burned all negatives of his photographs, but luckily slides made in the 60's had survived. These slides are the basis of this book, together with photographs by Rumanzi Canon (Ug) and Elsadig Mohamed (Sd) and old black and white film material edited by Luuk van den Berg (NL).

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