Ebifananyi 6 - Duc in Altum
Dive Into The Deep, St. Mary's College Kisubi

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  • Author(s):
    Andrea Stultiens
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    141 x 122 x 22
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  • Publisher:
    Paradox, HIPUganda
  • Design:
    Andrea Stultiens en Marloes de Laat
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Duc in Altum, Dive into the Deep is based on a set of negatives found in the archive room of the Brothers of Christian Instruction in Kisubi. Since 1926 this religious order has been in charge of St. Mary’s College Kisubi (anno 1906), a prestigious bourding school for boys. The negatives were made by Canadian brothers who traveled to Uganda and worked at the school in the 1940s. These photographs are connected to the collection of butterflies in the school’s biology lab as well as to the photographs that were made every year of the groups of boys who graduated. The sequenced pictures suggest a rethink of the Linnaean system of classification of nature and its relationship to what can and should be known in order to understand. Ebifananyi 6 was launched at St. Mary’s College.

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